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  •  How to succeed as a presenter - the skills and tools needed to become a great TV host/TVpresenter.  
  • The skills needed to get recognised as a top presenter - the do’s and don’ts of hosting a chat show.  
  • What makes a great TV presenter and what YOU need to do to stand out.  
  • The career prospects of TV presenting and how much money YOU can make.  
  • What experience broadcasters and production companies are looking for when hiring a TV host/TV presenter.  
  • Why become a presenter and how presenting can give you access to some of the top celebrities.  
  • How to launch your presenting career with enthusiasm and confidence.
  • And much, much more!  

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“This guide really helped me to understand the skills I need to be a good presenter and how to present well on TV.” 

"I believe you have to take time out for yourself and for your own professional growth and this guide gave me alot of insight into how to prepare for a career in TV."